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Raw agarbatti factory

Our Raw agarbatti factory supply high quality of Joss powder, wood powder, white wood powder, charcoal powder… for making Agarbatti/incense sticks.

The products which are manufactured in Our Raw agarbatti factory include:


Its  incense powder has variety of functionality to various manufacturing work as raw materials. Due to its excellent viscosity & adhesive properties it is used mainly as binding material in Fragrance Sticks and Mosquito Repellent Coils manufacturing industry.



ONGGOK STARCH POWDERwooden-dust-powder

Onggok starch powder is  incense powder made from the recudue of tapioca obtained during extraction of starch from the roots of the tapioca plant then dried and crushed into starch.



Wood Powder


We supply Wood powder (rubber wood powder) is incense powder for    making incense, mosquito coils with large volume of long term stability, competitive price.


Charcoal Powder

Charcoal powder is one of Incense powder for manufacture Black incense sticks


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